Porcini Mushroom Cream

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Porcini Mushroom Cream, available in glass jars of 80 gr, 180 gr and 500 gr, it has an intense aroma and a refined taste; excellent for making any type of recipe your imagination suggests: appetizers, first courses, main courses of meat or fish.

In the kitchen: to be heated in a saucepan diluted in extra virgin olive oil, or butter, depending on the recipe. We recommend serving it on hot dishes to enhance the taste and aroma of porcini mushrooms. Particularly suitable as a condiment for first courses, croutons, bruschetta and main courses of meat.

Storage: after opening, cover with olive oil, close the jar and keep in the fridge.

How to cook Porcini Mushroom Cream: product ready for use, the cream can be served concentrated (without adding other ingredients) or diluted with extra virgin olive oil, cream or butter, depending on your taste and recipe. Very simple to cook, simply heat the Porcini Mushroom cream, concentrated or diluted, in a saucepan and use it as a condiment directly on dishes or as a filling for pasta or meat main courses.
We recommend serving it on hot dishes after cooking, to maximize the taste and aroma of the porcini mushrooms. It is recommended on bruschetta, hot croutons or to fill sandwiches; excellent on white first courses of both dry and fresh pasta or as a filling for ravioli, lasagna and meat main courses.

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80 GR, 180 GR, 500 GR

keep in a cold and dry place


Porcini and pumpkin rice

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