Dry porcini mushrooms


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Dried Porcini Mushrooms dehydrated without the addition of preservatives, they are available in 30 g sachets; excellent for cooking many recipes and to give your dishes the unmistakable taste of Porcini Mushrooms.

In the kitchen: the rehydration of Porcini Mushrooms can take place in different ways: a) for about half an hour in warm water with the addition of a little lemon; b) in cold water for about two hours; c) in boiling water for a few minutes. In all cases, the cooking water can be used as a condiment after possibly being filtered, to increase the aroma and taste of porcini mushrooms. Another method is to add the dried mushrooms to the pan with some broth. Dried Mushrooms can be used as a condiment for Risotto, Fettuccine, Gnocchi, polenta, meat or fish main courses and for the preparation of tasty appetizers. Alternatively, you can cook an excellent porcini mushroom sauce and serve on any type of pasta that is dry.

Store in a cool and dry place, absolutely avoid humid places.

keep in a cold and dry place


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