Saffron in threads

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Saffron purissimo in fili is a very high quality product ideal for a refined and elegant cuisine. Excellent for making dishes with an inimitable flavor thanks to the purity of the spice, able to give your dish truly unique aromatic properties. Available in 1 g, 2 g and 5 g glass jars.

In the kitchen: How to cook Saffron in Fili: dissolve the stigmas in very hot water or broth for a minimum of 40/50 minutes, the ideal would be to extend the time to 2 hours; it is possible to lower the infusion time to 20 min by pulverizing the saffron threads. To keep the water or broth hot, the saucepan with the stigmas can be kept in a bain-marie in hot water, taking care to avoid boiling. The tempering can also be done in milk in case you want to cook a cream or use cream. The infusion will take on an intense yellow color that you can pour, together with the pistils, directly on your dish to give it a touch of elegance and refinement. Recommended dose 5/7 pistils or stigmas per person.

Storage: store in the glass jar in a cool, dry and dark place.

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1 GR, 2 GR, 5 GR

keep in a cold and dry place



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