Porcini and pumpkin rice

My favorite ingredients are pumpkin and mushrooms… why not combine them?

I didn't know what would come out but I can guarantee you it's a bomb. The beauty of this dish is that one is fast, good, fragrant and only a pan gets dirty.

This is how Andrea describes this recipe, who has created a tasty risotto for us that is very reminiscent of the warmth of the fireplace and the tranquility of winter!

Servings: 3/4 people
Difficulty: low
Time: 45 minutes


  • 200 gr of rice 
  • 150 gr of Pumpkin
  • 80 gr Porcini Cream
  • 100 gr of smoked bacon
  • 1 glass White wine
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Oil to taste

In a pan we put oil to taste, with the bacon and let it brown for the time necessary to color, remove it and set aside. In the meantime, cut the pumpkin into small cubes then in the same oil where we browned the bacon, pour the pumpkin cubes and add the glass of wine, waiting for it to evaporate. Then cook for about 15 minutes and then put it aside too.


In the broth created with the pumpkin sauce, add a little water and finally the rice and follow the classic procedure of cooking rice, low heat and add a little water at a time.


Once the rice is cooked, add the pumpkin, pancetta and porcini cream. We leave a couple of minutes on a slow flame to whisk all the ingredients well.

Risotto Porcini e Zucca

Now it's your turn ... could you do better? My advice ... use a lot of imagination and you will really make a good impression with those who taste this dish, to say the least tasty.

Recipe from: incucinaconfran

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