White Truffle Grappa

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There White truffle grappa di Sulpizio was born from the infusion of the White Truffle in the distillate of the best pomace. We recommend serving it at the end of a meal for its excellent digestive properties; for a mid-afternoon tasting, it can be accompanied with some appetizers. The feature that makes it unique is that particular and delicate aftertaste left by the most precious of truffles, the White Truffle.

How to serve the White Truffle Grappa: excellent as a digestive, we recommend serving it after a meal at a temperature between 8 and 10 ° C. The low serving temperature will make the distillate perceive as less alcoholic, while retaining all the original characteristics unaltered. To fully appreciate its olfactory and taste characteristics, it would be necessary to use the typical “tulipe” glass, to be filled for a maximum of one quarter; then wait for about 10 minutes and smell while inhaling briefly to "savor the taste" mixed with the pomace with the White Truffle. Then take a small sip, hold it briefly in your mouth by spinning it and finally, swallow to fully enjoy the unique properties of the excellent Sulpizio White Truffle grappa. A classic is represented by the combination of Truffle Grappa with dark chocolate or particularly fatty cured meats; characteristic of these foods is precisely the presence of fatty substances that tend to coat the oral cavity, significantly lowering the perception of alcohol thus making it more tolerable. Excellent is the combination with croutons with Miele al Tartufo, dessert di frutta o semifreddi.

How to store White Truffle Grappa: keep in the fridge or pantry depending on how you prefer to taste it. Keep the bottle away from heat sources and direct light sources.

Ingrediants: distillate of selected pomace, truffle infusion, truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico)

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200 ML, 500 ML

keep in a cold and dry place



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