Truffle Sambuca

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There Truffle Sambuca is an anise-based liqueur, with fine black truffle flakes. The sweet taste of Sambuca is corrected by the strong taste of the Truffle, creating a very pleasant combination that lends itself well to countless combinations.

How to serve the Sambuca al Tartufo: the versatile taste of this liqueur allows it to be served in various ways: 1) with ice or cold by keeping it in the fridge, it is excellent for enhancing all its aromatic properties including the very particular one of the Winter Truffle; 2) Smooth at room temperature, it is ideal after a hearty lunch or dinner; 3) With ice and 3 roasted coffee beans the sweetness and freshness of the liqueur are amplified. The coffee beans should be chewed while sipping the Sambuca; 4) The pairing par excellence of Sambuca is with coffee and in this case the already perfect combination of Sambuca and Coffee is joined by the Truffle, an element that manages to create a very particular balance. We absolutely recommend giving it a try.

How to preserve the Sambuca al Tartufo: keep in the fridge or pantry depending on how you prefer to taste it. Keep the bottle away from heat sources and direct light sources.

Ingrediants: hydrated alcohol, sugar, truffle infusion, truffle (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.), flavorings.

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200 ML, 500 ML

keep in a cold and dry place



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