Uncinato Black Truffle or Winter Scorzone



The Uncinato Black Truffle or Winter Scorzone (Tuber Uncinatum Chatin) is very similar to the Summer Truffle, so much so that it is considered by many scholars to be a variant of it. The rind (peridium) is made up of large warts without transverse streaks, with the characteristic hook shape; once fully ripe, the pulp (gleba) reaches a more or less intense chocolate color. Its aroma is intense and aromatic, while the flavor is enveloping, able to stand out on any course.

How to preserve the Uncinato Truffle or Winter Scorzone Fresco: la conservazione può avvenire in frigorifero, per brevi periodi o in congelatore per periodi più lunghi:

in the fridge

(between 2 ° and 6 °), individually wrapped in absorbent paper, closed inside an airtight container for food; the card must be replaced, if necessary, even every day. Small white molds will form around the truffle, deriving from the normal transpiration and loss of water of the same; in this case the truffle is not yet ruined. It can be defined as ruined, when it begins to lose its consistency, to become soft and consequently to emit a bad smell. Retention period: from 7 to 15 days approximately

In the freezer:

  1. a) Intero: after having cleaned and dried the Fresh Uncinato Black truffle, as seen above, it can be frozen whole in a glass or plastic container for food use. In this case it must be used still frozen. Retention period: About 5 months.
  2. b) In sauce: after having cleaned and dried the Fresh Truffle, as seen above, it must be ground in a saucepan with extra virgin olive oil or butter and heated. Before it boils, turn off the stove and let it cool down well. Put the sauce, according to suitable quantities to prepare a defined number of portions (eg for 4 or 5 people), in airtight containers, cover everything with extra virgin olive oil or butter and place in the freezer. Retention period: about 6 months.

How to cook the Uncinato Black Truffle or Fresh Winter Scorzone: clean it with a brush or a brush with not too hard bristles under running water and dry it with a dry cloth; it is advisable to keep it immersed in cold water for about 10 minutes. To be sliced ​​with truffle slicer on first courses, main courses or side dishes, and combined with extra virgin olive oil or with butter.Fresh truffle can be used to make many recipes.First courses do not have to be very elaborate because the aroma it must come from the truffle; it can be tasted raw or heated but not cooked to maintain its properties.


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