White Truffle Cream

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There White Truffle Cream it is a product with a strong and very versatile taste, which is well suited to the preparation of a multitude of truffle recipes: delicious appetizers, first courses, fillings for pasta and second courses

How to cook the White Truffle Cream: it can be diluted, according to taste, with olive oil, butter, milk, broth or bechamel; heat slightly, but do not cook and use as a condiment for risotto, tagliatelle, fettuccine or on delicate meats such as fillets (See Recipe: Fillet with White Truffle Cream) and white meats. Excellent for garnishing croutons and bruschetta or as a filling for pasta. The recommended dose is 15 grams per person

How to store the White Truffle Cream: before opening, store in a dry place. Once opened, cover with olive oil, close the jar and keep in the fridge for a few days.

Ingredients: Cream, butter, milk, eggs, cheese, truffle (tuber magnatum pico) mini. 3%, truffle (tuber borchii), salt, flavorings, cornstarch.

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80 GR, 500 GR

keep in a cold and dry place


Ravioli with White Truffle

Ravioli with Gorgonzola and Trufflee


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