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The Truffle Sauce is one of the most consumed truffle products for ease with which it can be cooked, the huge number of truffle-based recipes that can be made and the ability to store it in the refrigerator for up to 15/18 days later by opening the jar, covering it with extra virgin olive oil.

How to cook truffle sauce

Ready to use, easy to cook, it can be eaten at room temperature or by heating it slightly in a saucepan. It is recommended to use it without adding other ingredients, even if its flavor goes very well with extra virgin olive oil, butter, parmesan or any other type of condiment that your imagination suggests. The Truffle Sauce is a very versatile product and lends itself well to the preparation of the most varied recipes based on truffles: fettuccine, tagliatelle, risotto, egg pasta, bruschetta, croutons, pizzas, fillings for ravioli and ravioli, omelettes with truffles, roasted trout, main courses of meat and fish. The recommended dose is 20/25 grams a Here are some examples of using the Truffle Sauce

How to preserve the truffle sauce 

Before opening, store in a dry place away from heat sources and direct light sources. Once opened, cover with olive oil, close the jar and refrigerate up to a maximum of 15/18 days.


Cultivated mushrooms 65% (agaricus bisporus), truffle 7% (tuber aestivum vitt., Tuber mesentericum), black olives, water, olive oil, breadcrumbs, anchovies, capers, salt, flavorings.

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80 GR, 180 GR, 500 GR

keep in a cold and dry place


Tortino di polenta tartufato ​

Pizza with truffle sauce pioppini mushrooms dry sausage


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